Saturday, 10 July 2010

Having different thickness's of bread, thin, medium, thick, toastie

A good idea, but not great.
Well, I wouldn't complain if I went to the cupboard and could only find medium sliced opposed to the usual toastie sliced.

However, conscious or unconscious, we all make the decision on which bread is the best to buy. Weather having thinly sliced bread makes you feel like you are getting more slices for your money or the thick cloud-like slices are as far away from the soggy sandwiches you used to get for your packed lunch as an infant... I guess someone thought it was a great idea.

I don't think if the government said tomorrow that all bread had to be of a certain thickness there would be protesters outside Mr. Warburtons factory come 9am Monday morning. Somehow though the House of Lords made a connection between the rising obesity issue and the thickness of bread...

Cut the thickness of bread slices to combat obesity, say Lords

They warned, 'Obesity is apparently a greater threat than global warming'.

Yes bread is the answer!

Thicknesses of bread : A nice idea but not something which will change the world - So it can only be described as good.

Different thickness of sliced bread has its different uses. Some people may prefer to have a sandwich on thinly sliced bread if there is not much filling so the bread isn't higher than a 50/50 ratio to the contents.

In comparison, really thickly sliced bread is good for using in toastie machines and eggy bread. Because the toastie machines will compress the bread making it as thin as possible, using thinly sliced bread would make the sandwich fall apart. Also using thickly sliced bread whilst making eggy bread helps to absorb more egg and make the bread more fluffy when cooking.

Eggy Bread Experiment - All in the name of research

... and yes the thicker the better

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