Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Curiosity killed the cat

I have a very curious side, some people may call it being nosey, however I think it is quite healthy to be curious.


–noun, plural -ties.
the desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness.
a curious, rare, or novel thing.
a strange, curious, or interesting quality.
Archaic . carefulness; fastidiousness.

The quote 'curiosity killed the cat' expresses people's apprehension towards curiosity and how it can be looked at as a childish and unimportant, however this is far from the truth.

History of the Saying: Curiosity Killed the Cat

"The saying suggests people should mind their own business. This expression apparently first appeared in print in an O. Henry story in the early 1900s."

Without curiosity many of the worlds inventions wouldn't have come to be. Scientists are always discovering, inventing, exploring, developing exciting new things from their curiosity. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci 's curiosity of how birds were able to fly lead him to developing the first flying machine. Below are some sketches of his ideas. Without curiosity the world today would be much less developed without things such as cars, computers and phones to name but a few.

As children curiosity is our primary source of learning. Our curiosity to venture out of our cot and learn how to make different noises. We do this instinctively. However, sometimes a child's and adults curiosity can get the better of them.

For instance now science has come along way scientists are moving on to bigger, better and more dangerous experiments with unknown outcomes. For example there are scientists now trying to break particles up by sending them down a huge underground tunnel at the speed of light creating a collision which is said to be 1 trillion degrees (10000 times hotter than the centre of the Sun). The outcome is unknown, however reliable sources say this could cause a black hole, a quantum vacuum collapse or stranglets... all basically of which would wipe out the whole World. Even with these outcomes spoken about scientists are still planning to go ahead with the experimentation due to curiosity.

In this sense I think curiosity is stupid and dangerous, however looking at all the amazing inventions created from the inventor being curious this makes me think curiosity is part of instinct and helping mankind grow.

Therefore I can only say that curiosity is good.

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