Monday, 19 July 2010

Computer games

Boys and their toys...

Two games later...

A couple games after that...

Admittedly this post comes with help from my boyfriend and his slight obsession with computer games. I would say the majority of boys enjoy gaming but no-one has been able to convince me more that they are good...

Positive -

Most children in the UK after school spend time watching tv or on the computer. Playing games engages the mind much more than the TV does.

Games require concentration and intelligence. In order to get better at games you must improve your strategy and problem solving skills.

Game companies are actively trying to engage the negative views on games:
  • They are trying to combat the anti-social aspect by making more games available online and to play with friends; this allows communication between people on the internet.
  • They are trying to make games more active with new technology such as the Wii Fit, dance mats, Guitar Hero etc.

Negative -
Although some games you can play multiplayer the majority of games are one player and therefore quite anti-social. Gaming can become addictive. Games are becoming increasingly more realistic and put graphics pictures and ideas in players minds.

I still am not a complete convert to computer games however, I don't think they are awful anymore and thinking more rationally computer games are good.

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