Monday, 26 July 2010


Reasons for a good nights sleep...

  1. Our body regains strength after a good nights sleep.
  2. Sleep increases memory and learning ability.
  3. The immune system's activity is boosted during sleep.
  4. Lack of sleep causes energy loss, irritability, hallucinations and confusion.

Beds are meant to be as comfortable as possible so you cram them with pillows and soft snugly duvet covers. But then how comfortable do you go if it is so comfy you will sleep well, but when the cold morning comes and the 7am alarm goes off you somehow become glued to the bed.

With sleeping comes dreams, but with dreams come nightmares. Dreams have been under study and people are still not exactly sure what they are or where they come from. Dreams can be so vivid and turn the completely absurd and impossible into what seems like reality.

Here is a great site interpreting what you dream about into a real meaning.


To dream that you are drinking lemonade, suggests your need to cool off. Perhaps you are involved in an argument that is getting too heated. Metaphorically, the dream denotes a spiritual cleansing.

hmmmm.... maybe I was just thirsty?

All sorts of bad and evil monsters are associated with sleep and the bedroom eg.

The boogeyman who lives under your bed

Freddy Krueger who will find you in your nightmares

Monsters who come out of your closet - maybe more cuddly than scary.

Ghosts who will stand at the bottom of your bed and watch you sleep

Sleep has an evil side. It needs to be a carefully timed procedure. To little and you will need more and too much and you will become over tired.

Without sleep we wouldn't survive, I think maybe waking up early is the negative relation I make when thinking about sleep; and all those scary monsters out to get me...

Dream catchers are meant to catch and bad dreams in their web, so its ok you can still sleep like a baby tonight.

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