Sunday, 11 July 2010

Taxi for Thynne!

Hop in a taxi to get somewhere in a hurry... good luck!!

It really is hit and miss with taxi's. I always try and be as polite as I can be for fear of a grumpy driver deciding to over charge me. Some drivers can be as chatty as can be and I'll think to my self 'Oh this guy's nice', until I ask the dreaded question 'How much will that be?' and they come out with some ridiculous price that they seemingly pick out of their fare scamming minds that is double the price I normally pay!

To look at I seem cute and innocent... hmmm I guess that's why they decide that I am either to shy or scared or stupid enough to agree to give them the last £5 note that I needed to last me another two days... Well I'm afraid to say it doesn't normally go like that. Most times when I get into a taxi now I am ready to be ripped off, so I am already prepared to argue until they realise I'm no so cute, innocent or stupid.

It normally goes a little like this:

'What? It's never that much normally. I get a taxi here every day nearly and its always £3 not £5!'

'Oh well that's how much it is. You would never get it for that cheap. Are you sure, I don't believe you, you are joking!'

Yep he thinks I'm stupid...

'Well that's rubbish ill call you taxi company and get them to check'

'Ok ok, £3 come on hurry up'

Not so stupid after all ey!

Ok rant over... I can still admit taxi's are also saviours.
  1. They save me on nights out when my heels have got so painful that walking feels like I am on hot coals.
  2. When I go shopping for a new top and end up buying a tonnes weight in shoes.
  3. And when it's 'Just too far too walk'.

So they can save the day, but guarantee adding just that little extra stress to your life along the way. Not bad, not great...just good.

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