Friday, 27 August 2010

Alternatives and Aides

When your walking home from the weekly shop and your hands feel like their about to fall off, your bag breaks and your bag of oranges go rolling across the other side... it isn't uncommon to wonder if there is a God after all.

Well think again.. there are some very thoughtful people out there who have come up with helpful ideas and alternatives to the pain and suffering that plastic bags make us endure.

The shopping bag carrier handle...
This relieves weight on the hands and distributes it evenly so it is less painful.
There are a few versions available.

There are also different materials available for shopping bags to be made out of which could provide a better result... paper, card, canvas, strengthened recycled plastic...

Some bags shoe clear support for saving the environment with slogans and motifs written on the front...

There really are so many other bags out there that could be of more use... however I feel the problem is that shops hand out carrier bags to readily causing over usage. Some stores have introduced a small fee for every carrier bag, say 5 or 10p, and this had helped to dramatically reduce the amount of carrier bags being used on a daily basis.

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