Friday, 27 August 2010

Recycle Me

Plastic bags don't just have to be recycled into more plastic bags. Here are some designs I have found showing some interesting ideas of things to create from recycling plastic bags.

This watch strap is made from melting the plastic bags and twisting them to create a spiral effect. It is hard to notice what the watch strap is made from at a distance.

This bag has been made from scrunched and ripped paper bags. Each little piece has been sewn onto a plain canvas bag.

Possibly not one of the safest and securest bikini's there is, however it is environmentally friendly and a quirky idea to make your bikini individual.

Chair wrapped in plastic bags to add a little extra cushion.

Plastic bag shoes... hmmm not sure I can see them catching on. Nevertheless they are doing the environment good.

This is a similar technique used for the watch strap pictured above however these wraps of plastic are used as toppers for pens and pencils.

A beautiful flower has been shaped from just half a carrier bag!

Or here are some other things your 'one life' plastic carrier bag can be re-used for.

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