Thursday, 26 August 2010

Cool Carrier Bags

Great advertisement for blood donors. A lot of people will see the bag therefore the word will spread fast.

Novelty gym carrier bag.

Quite an 'in your face' design. Makes you stop and stare.

Another great, quirky design for a gym bag.

Comical advertisement for beer.

Personal input is needed for this bag to take form.

Slight attention to detail makes a boring bag a bag that stands out and that someone would like to keep. Every time the bag is reused it will advertise the store where ever it goes.

Peculiar and sightly odd, but nevertheless still does the job.

Cute interaction with the subject matter creates a bond between the carrier and the company. The images are soft and emotional with text that almost speaks to you off the bag giving the pictured animal a personality and more relatable to.

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