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There are two main types of love :-

Interpersonal love - refers to love between human beings.

Impersonal love - a person can be said to love objects or goals if they are deeply committed to it.

I will be focusing on interpersonal love.

Interpersonal love doesn't just relate to a romantic love, there are other kinds of love which exist that people often to not appreciate

This love is the love that everybody needs to survive. It is that feeling of being cared for and nurtured. Some people would describe this as the type of love parents have for their children. This is so important: high on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs; and studies have even proven that people have died of a "broken heart" (there have been no explanations for their deaths other than that).

This is a love between yourself and someone that is totally honest, open and comfortable. You really only have this kind of bond with a few people. You might know a lot of people and be "friendly" with them in a group situation but they are not the best friends I am talking about here.
I have a theory that you can not truely be best friends with a member of the opposite sex. Down the line romance will always come up from either party and feelings will be misinterpreted and mistaken. When this happens, the friendship will change and possibly never be the same again.

(The much anticipated love!) Most people experience this type of love many times in their life. It is when you see that person for the first time and he/she makes your knees go weak or gives you butterflies in your stomach.i.e. "Love at first sight”. Most people don’t even love the person they think they are in love with…they fall in love with the idea if being in love. This is more of a lustful kind of love, it wears off after a while and hopefully leads to...

This is the sincere love, the love that lasts forever. This kind of love comes when you have found the person you are destined to be with. Nothing can destroy unconditional love. It is like when you have an argument or disagree about something with that person and you realize that it doesn’t bother you because the love you have for him/her overcomes everything.

However after looking at all the different types one can love, I have chosen to focus on the most recognised, romantic love. I think romantic love can be very complicated and also very rewarding because it focuses deeply on the giving and receiving of love, and not just your own personal feelings towards someone.

Positive points about romantic love -
  • It heightens your senses.
  • You can share things with your significant other.
  • You can feel comfort and acceptance in their company.
  • There is passion.
  • It makes you feel happy.
  • Soul mate to share life with.
  • Being with someone is part of the meaning of live.

Negatives attributes to romantic love -
  • It can be very emotionally painful and stressing when something goes wrong.
  • Couples can cause awkwardness in groups.
  • You can act like your in a bubble away from everyone else and get distracted from your surroundings and friends.
  • Love can be addictive.
  • You can become obsessive, paranoid.
  • Arguments
  • Jealousy
  • Cheating
  • Temptation
  • Monogamy

How the brain processes love:

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