Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Amazing Heel Design

In around the 1500s heels were first designed in response to problems horsemen had keeping their feet in the stirrups; shoes before then were simply flat on the sole.

Later on heels broke into the fashion world and were worn by short people who wished to appear taller. Soon, fashion-conscious noble men and women of the French court were seen in high-heeled shoes. High heels became related to wealth. By the late 1600s men’s heels were commonly between three and four inches in height. Throughout the seventeen and eighteenth centuries high heels became a noble fashion among French men as well as women. It wasn’t until late 1700s after French revolution that high heels lost its fame because it was the end of the aristocracy and wealth era which heels were associated to.

Since such times heels have more and more been associated with femininity and mainly worn by women.

Famous shoe designers -
Jimmy Choo
Christian Louboutin
Manolo Blahnik
Alexander McQueen ... to name but a few

Shoe designers today come up with some amazing ideas some that caught my eye are pictured below.

Heels for babies - the heels are made from foam and are meant to be worn as a gimmick and not used to walk on. A funny idea for fashion conscious kids.

Catwalk - These heels have such an interesting and obscure look.

These shoes are available to buy in high street stores yet still demonstrate exquisite craftsmanship and creative design.

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