Monday, 23 August 2010


Trends are ever changing. They are very throw away in todays society; one minute its in the next minute its out.

Because trends have such a short life time, predictions are made as to what will be next on the scene in order to help keep on top of the game.

Positive factors about trends

Trends help people fit in/stand out
Having the latest trend can give you a form of 'power' and create awe around you.
With trend comes change. Change in trends helps progression and helps to introduce new technologies and experimentation. However with experimentation comes 'the unknown', basically trends gone wrong...

Negative factors about trends

Keeping up with new trends can be very expensive
TRends create a need to try to fit in
Trends change quickly and are hard to keep up with in this 'throw away' time.
It can make you feel left out if you don't have the newest trend.
It creates needless purchasing and splurge spending.

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