Sunday, 1 August 2010

GOOD 1: @$%!! high heels...

Ever since I can remember I have liked high heels and everything about them. I have always thought they make you look elegant, sexy and mature. When I first wore heels it made me feel more grown up and feminine.

However, wearing heels is notoriously painful, uncomfortable and awkward.

Although I first thought of heels as being amazing after enduring the suffering they cause I could only describe them as 'good'.

Even though they cause so much pain there is still something about them which will always make me buy them and wear them; as I believe most girls will go through some pain to be beautiful.

I will be researching heel to show them at their best and worst.

Positive points
  • Heels add height
  • They give a more feminine posture.

  • Make you feel grown up.
Although heels only really have one purpose, making a woman feel more womanly, they reach out to an image conscious audience who endure their flaws in order to feel their benefits.

  • Heels can make your feet hurt
  • They are bad for your posture on a long term basis.
  • More prone to falling over when wearing heels.
  • Heels can get stuck in grates.
  • Can be hard to walk in.
  • Bunions.

From personal experience I feel much better and confident about myself when I am wearing heels. I feel more feminine because they make me walk more elegantly and because of this I act more 'proper'. The pain they cause I feel is justified by the confidence boost they give me.

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