Sunday, 8 August 2010

What The People Say

" I wear heels because I am quite short and I like the height it gives me. I wear them almost everyday".

" I only really wear heel on special occasions, they hurt my feet and ruin my night"

" Heels give a girly and glamorous spin on any outfit, they make wearing jeans on a night out on the town acceptable".

" Heels are my weakness, I buy a pair nearly every time i go shopping".

" Heels really don't interest me, they hurt and are just not necessary".

" Wearing heels it quite hard for me because I am so tall putting heels on makes me tower above people. Good for getting noticed, not so good for trying to blend in with the crowd and not look like a giant amongst everyone".

" I like to wear heels but they hurt, the pain is definitely worth it though".

" I wear heels because it makes me feel more womanly and my friends wear them too".

" When I put heels on I feel like a whole new person, it makes me walk taller and more elegantly".

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