Thursday, 5 August 2010

Made In...

Behind all those gorgeous shoes are the factory workers who work long hours in dirty and cramped conditions for little pay.

Many people don't think about where their purchases come from. It is hard to make a connection with the workers as sometimes it is hard to trace where products are manufactured. some companies pay out a lot of money to protect themselves from images of their working conditions being published. Bad working conditions mean pay for the workers is low and increases profit for the company.

In many cases the workers have no choice but to work in the said factory because it may be the only work they cane get in their town or possibly don't have any further qualifications to better themselves and need to work in these bad conditions as a means of survival to pay for food etc.

I recently watched a programme on BBC3 where a group of teenagers were sent to the factories where high street clothes are made. They were made to work in these conditions and live off the average wage.

To watch on youtube: BLOOD SWEAT AND LUXURIES.

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